GOLD Day Trip Package

€ 94 por pessoa € 100
Duração 8 horas

GOLD Day Trip Package

Dedicate a full day to the wonders of Capri and make the most of this self-guided and all-inclusive day trip package which includes all the highlights of the island!

Validade da oferta:

Dal 15 Março 2019 al 31 Outubro 2019 (Todos os dias)

O que inclui

  • Boat tour of Capri including the Blue Grotto
  • Bus tickets for Anacapri
  • Chairlift tickets up and down Mount Solaro
  • Free time to discover the center of Anacapri
  • Traditional lunch at "La Giara" local restaurant (pasta course, main course, dessert, and soft drink)
  • Free time to stroll the center of Capri town
  • Funicular tickets down the cliffside to the port in Marina Grande
  • Minimum duration: 7 to 8 hours

O que NÃO inclui

  • Ferry transportation to and from Capri
  • Tickets to optional sights and museums
  • Guided tours of Anacapri and Capri town
  • Blue Grotto ticket: EUR 14

Informações adicionais

Children under 3: free

A perfect do-it-yourself day trip to Capri for those who want to explore the island for a full day from first thing in the morning until late afternoon.

1 . BOAT: Proceed to Motoscafisti di Capri on Pier 0 once you disembark on Capri to claim your package tickets. Board the first available boat tour of the island.
2 - BUS: Take the private bus to Anacapri from Marina Grande at Pier 23.
3 - LUNCH: Have lunch at La Giara Restaurant in Anacapri.
5 - BUS: Take the private bus back to Capri town from Piazza della Pace in Anacapri.
6 - CAPRI: Enjoy free time in the historic center.
7 - FUNICULAR: Take a funicular (depatures every 15 minutes) down to the Marina Grande port where ferries depart.

Packages are good for 5 days after the reserved date.
The Blue Grotto is sometimes closed due to weather and sea conditions.
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GOLD Day Trip Package

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You can cancel with no penalty up to two days before your reserved date. Payment is due upon booking and will be reimbursed in full in case of cancellations received at least 48 hours in advance. In case of cancellations within 48 hours or no-shows, you will not be reimbursed.
Online reservations will be reimbursed within 48 of your reserved date only in cases in which the weather or sea conditions do not permit you to arrive on the island.
Online reservations are good for five days following the reserved date.
Entrance by rowboat inside the Blue Grotto is not included and is managed by a separate company. There can be long waits to enter the Blue Grotto and the Funicular in high season.