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Our team is made up of two local island companies that have worked in tourism for decades. We had begun to notice that more and more travelers are taking day trips to Capri with tour operators who are not locally based and know very little about the island. So we decided to create a day trip packages for visitors who want all the independence of a DIY day trip plus all the insider knowledge of a local expert.

Motoscafisti di Capri

The Original Capri Boat Tour since 1955.

Since 1955, Motoscafisti di Capri has been showing visitors the island of Capri by sea. Each year, almost a million passengers set sail with us, and we have become a landmark business for anyone who wants a boat tour that includes the Blue Grotto and the Faraglioni sea stacks. We also offer exclusive boat shuttle services for ships anchored off the port of Capri.

All the Motoscafisti tour boats offer the latest in safety equipment and passengers are fully insured. Our captains have years of experience at sea and are all bilingual in Italian and English; some also speak Spanish and French. The fleet includes a number of different sized ships, all suitable to set sail around Capri in complete comfort and safety.

Capri Gourmet

Four restaurants and fifty years of experience.

The Gargiulo family has been welcoming diners for decades to their four restaurants in Capri and Anacapri: La Pigna, CapriMoon, La Giara, and Le Terrazze.

Capri Gourmet was founded by Gery Gargiulo, who was in the restaurant business for fifty year before passing the reins to his three children: Giuseppe, Mina, and Oreste. The family has always been dedicated to offering the best local cuisine to group tours in a friendly atmosphere that is both welcoming and elegant.

The restaurants for the guest of Capri Day Tour:

  • La Pigna: with 140 year of history, this is the oldest restaurant on Capri just a few steps from the center (for Tour Basic).
  • La Giara: located on the main street in Anacapri, this restaurant is specialized in local cuisine and wine (for Tour Gold).

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